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The orthopedic department is the most sought after center from patients with all types of orthopedic Treatments. These treatments are clinically proven to relieve the patients from pain and discomfort.

Our orthopedic department led by Dr Rohit Nalawade a practising orthopedic surgeon, his numerous years of experience & expertise in complete bone and joint health services has led physicians from across panvel,navi mumbai & mumbai to refer patients to Sparsh/Dr Rohit Nalawade.

  • Primary and Revision Joint Replacement of Hip, Knee & Elbow.
  • Joint replacement surgery is a procedure in which surgeon removes the damaged cartilage and bone and then replaces it with a new metal and plastic joint surface to restore the alignment and painless functioning of your joints.

    When non surgical treatments are ineffective,total replacement surgery for joints is considered as a safe and fruitful procedure to help you relieve pain and resume daily activities.

  • Primary and revision arthroscopy of shoulder,elbow,hip & knee
  • A minimal invasive surgery,arthroscopy is a procedure of viewing and treating problems inside a joint through a arthroscope.Sparsh Hospital performs a large number of arthroscopy surgeries per year.

  • Arthroscopy & arthroscopic ligament reconstruction
  • Arthroscopic ligament reconstruction is a surgery to treat ligament tear.This procedure is commonly used to treat the ligament tear in athletes who are more prone to such injuries.

  • Sports medicine - diagnostic and treatment
  • The orthopedic department at sparsh is completely equipped to diagnose and treat sports sports injuries and other joint-related disorders. We are committed to helping patients recover swiftly from sports injuries & return to their previous level of strength as quickly as possible.

  • Spine - treatment of spinal pathologies instrumentation and deformity correction.
  • Spinal Pathology can be anything from a degenerative spine or scoliosis to complex trauma. There are many different levels of spinal pathology, along with many symptoms, ranging from numbness to acute pain.

    Deformity correction can include both scoliosis and kyphosis, though the underlying cause of these conditions can range from defects not corrected at birth to injury, trauma and accidents.

    The exact method of deformity correction will depend on your situation and the assessment made by Dr. Rohit Nalawade l when you visit the Sparsh Hospital for a consultation.

  • Polytrauma management with trauma unit
  • In general terms poly traumas often are associated with Motor vehicle crashed On admission to Sparsh hospital any trauma patient immediately undergoes x-ray diagnosis of their cervical spine, chest, and pelvis, commonly known as a 'trauma series', to discover possible life-threatening injuries.

    It also is quite common in severe trauma for patients to be sent directly to CT or a surgery theatre, if they require emergency treatment.

  • Management of nonunion and illizarov surgery
  • Emergency and definitive management of all trauma patient 24 x 7
  • Hand foot and reconstruction surgeries with plastic and micro vascular surgeon
  • State of art operation theater with c - arm and in house facility of ct scan ,MRI & USG, physiotherapy
  • Management of skeletal tumors